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Window Decals

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Valley Forge Tape & Label can produce Window Decals for a wide variety of markets.

Primarily used for short-term promotional purposes, Window Decals are a great way to promote your logo, promote an event or promote your product or service. Our Window Decals are not clings or full window wraps. They are small to medium decals that can be Permanent or Removable and can be used on almost all glass surfaces. Window decals can be printed 1 through 10 colors on one or two sides. They can be used on the inside or outside of a window and can be read from either side. We can even print so that the decal can be read from both sides.

Our Window Decals are printed on the best clear or white films. Clear decals can be printed with white for opacity behind the graphics or we can use an opaque white film if the entire decal needs to be white. Custom sizes can range from approximately 1” x 3” to 8-1/2” x 11” or larger. Special shapes are also possible and we can even score the liner to allow for easier use.

Let us know how the decal will be used and our experienced sales department will engineer the best construction and printing orientation for your decal. We have the ability to consecutively number each decal, print QR codes and print instructions on the liner. If you need to write on the decal, we can use special inks to make the decal more receptive to ink. Both permanent adhesive or removable adhesives are available. Our removable adhesive will stay on as long as you need it and will remove cleanly without any residue when you are finished.

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