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Thermal & Laser Labels


Valley Forge Tape & Label has been a long time supplier of the constantly growing area of Secondary Digital Imaging. This includes expertise in Thermal Transfer Labels, Direct Thermal Labels and Laser Label Sheets.

With our strong supplier relationships, we have been able to stay on the leading edge of Secondary Digital Imaging technology. We stock a wide variety of label materials that can meet all of your secondary printing needs.

We can supply either pre-printed or unprinted paper and film labels in various formats. Rolls, fan-folded or laser sheets with any die cut configuration can be produced. Including single and multi-part labels.

Our digitally imagable labels are used for product labels, box labels, industrial marking and packing slip laser sheets, etc. We can pre-print generic labels for you, and you can imprint date codes, batch codes, private label information or all your variable information. One popular application for our custom laser label sheets is in the food service industry. We can produce 8-1/2″ x 11″ paper laser label sheets that we professionally pre-print with our customer’s logo and any common information. The customer then prints the specific product information “on-demand” on their laser printer. A good application for these kind of labels are sandwich or snack labels in a commissary venue but they could be used for any type of food service product.

Contact our sales department to determine the best product to use for your custom printed label application and your particular printer.

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