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Security Tape


Please Note: Tamper Tape is currently unavailable.

Many of our customers have the need for security packaging for their products. Custom Tamper Evident Labels work very well for this application. On some level, companies in the Food Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Consumer Product Industry and the Gaming Industry all need “tamper-evident labels”. Whether it’s for anti-counterfeit concerns or simply for a warranty situation, we have the custom printed label product that will work for you.

We can supply white or silver “void” readable stocks, destructible paper or vinyl and extremely fragile “tamper tape” for these applications. Any of these products can be custom printed and the label products can also be consecutively numbered in-line for further traceability. The tamper tape is available as custom printed but we also stock it in a red or clear generically printed format.

Tamper-evident labels can be used on vitamins, food jars, electrical components, computers and even industrial products for things like warranty issues. Custom printed Tamper Evident Labels and Tapes are also used on e-proms, to secure the win probability in slot machines.

Secure, Invisible Inks that appear as a different color or change color under special lights, or lighting environments can be incorporated to achieve a very high level of security.

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