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Beverage Labels

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Wine, Brewery and Spirit Labels

Craft and Micro Breweries and Distilleries are some of the fastest growing industries in the US. The number of wineries are also constantly increasing. Valley Forge Tape & Label provides start-ups and established Breweries, Distilleries and Wineries with all types of labels. We can help you design your Beer Label, Wine Label and Spirit Label or take your original label art and create the perfect label. If you need a front and back label, wrap label, wet strength label stock or topper labels, we can handle your label needs.

Small quantities are not a problem. We have digital printing capabilities to efficiently produce short runs and we have conventional printing presses to handle long runs. We can print up to 10 colors and up to 13” wide. We also have the ability to foil stamp, emboss, custom die cut and over-laminate if the label requires it.

Send us your art and your anticipated quantities and we will evaluate and make recommendations for the most cost-effective way to run your label and what label stock might be the most attractive. If you only have the components for your label art, we can take those components and finish the art to your satisfaction. We can recommend colors, composition, label stock, label size and label orientation.

We offer many material options. We can supply standard gloss, matte and semi-gloss paper stocks. We also carry a number of specialty label stocks that are perfectly suited for the beverage industry. They include wet-strength papers that are designed to hold up in ice, water and condensation.

Contact us to discuss your Beer, Wine or Spirit Label. We look forward to producing the perfect label for you.

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