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We Specialize in IRC’s and Folded Coupons.

On-Pack Promotional Labels and “Instant Redeemable Coupons” Labels (IRC’s) are the big players here. These promotional custom printed labels are invaluable to promote your product with instant savings, discounts, terms & conditions, barcodes and QR codes, free offers or special features. Custom Printed Promotional Labels are particularly valuable when you need your product to stand out from other products and when space is limited.

Custom Printed Promotional Labels can be designed in a number of ways. “Clean Release” Labels…Folded Coupon Labels…Glue Together Coupon Labels…Resealable Coupon Labels…Tear-Strip Coupon Labels and Scratch-Off Game Piece Labels are all available. We can design a Custom Printed Label for any promotion.

For example, “Clean Release” coupons can be supplied with 1 or 2 printed sides. They are designed with a “dry-release” adhesive that will allow the end user to remove the top layer of the coupon – without exposing any adhesive. They are excellent for any instant redeemable application.

Folded Coupon Labels, Glue Together Coupon Labels, Resealable Coupon Labels and Tear-Strip Coupon Labels can also be used for instant redeemable promotions. These promotional labels are used to creatively print more panels, present a unique offer and fit significantly more information into a limited area.  Folded coupons are also great for additional Nutritional Information and Recipe Ideas.  We can accommodate almost any amount of information with one of these constructions.

The multiple printing surfaces on our Custom Printed Promotional Labels will allow you to incorporate additional copy while still presenting a very functional promotional label with attractive graphics.

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