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Pet Care Products

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According to industry experts, the Pet Products Industry is a 60 Billion Dollar industry. That includes Pet Food, Pet Accessories & Supplies, Over the Counter Medicines, Vet Care and other miscellaneous products and services. If you are selling to that market, you know the importance of attractive and eye-catching packaging. The principles of buying Pet Products are the same as buying for humans.

Like a grocery store, the average big box Pet Store carries hundreds of name brands and thousands of products and varieties. With shelf space at a premium, you need to get your product noticed faster than the competition. You then need to make the consumer feel good about your product. The best way to do that is with a fresh-looking, modern label. You only have a few seconds to make a good impression – make it count.

For over 50 years, Valley Forge Tape & Label has helped established businesses and start-up companies, create or re-create quality custom printed labels. We can use your supplied art or help you design a label that will enhance any product. Our experienced sales department will expertly guide you through every step to make the process as easy as possible.

Keep us in mind for some of these Pet Product Labels.

  • Pet Shampoo Labels
  • Pet Conditioner Labels
  • Pet Toy Labels
  • Pet Supplement Labels
  • Jar Labels
  • Pet Food Labels
  • Bird Seed Labels
  • Pet Collar Tags
  • Bottle Labels
  • Pet Snack Labels
  • Rawhide Product Labels
  • Fish Food Labels
  • Aquarium Chemical Labels
  • Canister Labels
  • Spray Bottle Labels

Whether your product is a Pet Shampoo, Fish Food or Aquarium Conditioner Label, we can produce the best label for your needs. We will coordinate the graphics, expertly determine the proper label material and adhesive and make sure the label best represents your product. It will stand out in the marketplace and also meet the environmental requirements. Many label materials and adhesive combinations are available and we can print up to 10 colors and 13 inches wide with water-based or UV ink, foil hot stamp, digital print, varnish, custom die cut and overlaminate.

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