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Contract Packaging


If you are a Private Label Company or Contract Packaging Company, or if you are going to be using a Private Labeler or Contract Packager, you already know about the myriad of guidelines that go into producing a marketable product.  From container requirements, to quality control, to label specifications – Valley Forge Tape & Label can help you take some of the mystery out, that is our expertise.  We understand the label requirements for private labeling and contract packaging.

In recent years the growth in private labeling and contract packaging has been dramatic.  Today’s entrepreneurs want to put their energy into marketing their products, not setting up production facilities.  We have been producing labels for manufacturers, private labelers, and for contract packaging companies for over 50 years.  Whether your product is a food product, health and beauty product, vitamin and supplement product, pet product, wine and beverage product, or even an industrial and chemical product, it can be produced by a private labeler and/or contract packager.

If you decide to use a Private Label company or a Contract Packager, you will still want to control the product packaging, especially the label design process.  You will work with a designer, or with the label printer, to create the perfect label.  Your image and the quality of this product must come through on every label.  Design, print quality, color, and color consistency cannot be left to chance.  You are competing with formidable companies and your product MUST STAND OUT.

That’s where Valley Forge Tape & Label can help the most.  Our experienced sales, customer service, and production staff will help you with every facet of the label buying process.  We will make sure your labels look great, perform well, and apply quickly and flawlessly – and we will make sure they are delivered on time.  Whether your labels are applied to bottles, jars, squeezable bottles, or containers, Valley Forge Tape & Label has the knowledge and experience with private labelers and contract packagers to meet your needs.

Contact us today so we can help you make the perfect label.  Our courteous, knowledgeable staff is ready to answer your questions, quote your labels, and help you begin the label design process.
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