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When you desire to print more colors or create an effect that makes your product stand out way above the crowd, Valley Forge Tape & Label has that capability. Custom Printed Wine Labels, Cosmetic Labels, Food Labels, Beverage LabelsPet Product Labels as well as many other consumer product labels can be enhanced with UV Flexo, Foil Stamping, and/or Embossing.

We are able to run up to 10 UV Flexo Print Stations, Foil Stamp and Emboss all in-line. When combined, these processes create maximum impact.

UV Flexo differs from standard flexo printing in that the inks are cured instantly by high-intensity ultraviolet light. This allows us to lay down a higher density of ink during the printing/converting process.

The results are brighter colors with greater opacity. When applied to clear films, your colors and graphics really “Pop”. UV Flexo is how you create the “no label look” on films. In the old days, you had to print directly on containers to achieve that look. With UV Flexo we can now print with the opacity required for modern container decoration. Printing on Vinyls, Polyethylenes, etc. are no problem with UV Flexo.

Foil Stamping is the best way to add elegance to any custom printed label. This process allows you to add any color metallic leaf to your designs with our cold or hot foil stamping. Gold is the most popular but silver and many other colors can be used. Whether your labels are clear or white, the addition of Foil Stamping can enhance the image on your product.

We can also rotary emboss along with the foil stamping to achieve a double impact. Typically, embossing is done on foil labels to add depth and an upscale look to your product. Logos and graphics will always appear richer with UV Flexo, Foil Stamping and Embossing.

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